where to?

2010-03-12 13:08:34 by malibaba

next step...

Awesome Childsplay

2009-04-03 03:29:11 by malibaba

wow i must say i didnt expect to get front page and a award.. thanks to all the nice reviews=)

the hamster....
seems like many cant get over that the little kid is a bastard child and killed the gerbil.
i needed the hamster to make a little twist in the movie. sorry if i offended someone but gerbils
is like rats. rats die..

the story:
well it doesnt have a real story it was ment for a school project, and what i had in focus was animation and the graphics. so its not so much newgrounds material....

it took me 10 weeks not 10 weeks of hardcore animating....
first i came upp whit an idea.
2. started consept drawings.
3. made a storyboard
4. then started with some test animations
5. moddeled a childsroom and a small scale city in 3d
6. started the animation proses (about four weeks)
7. made collour corections and stuff in after effects
8. final step was the sound making and setting up a breakdown...

so plz dont say "these things dont take time" when you dont have any clue of what you are saying:)